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50 Hours Left!

by NAILS Magazine | October 26, 2011

The last hours seem to last the longest. I'm still not to the 450 hour mark, which will complete my program. But I have under 50 left! The days have been so slow and lately I find myself with absolutely nothing to do.

I have been allowing the senior student to style, color, and do many other things to my hair. I was the model for the 6-inch inverted bob. I now have shorter hair, something about being in the salon environment makes you want to try new things even if the outcome looks ridiculous.

I have just been going over the chapters and then taking the chapter test on each in hopes of being ready for the state boards. It's not impossible to achieve my dreams. If you look at that word "impossible" you see two other words as well — I'm Possible. Remember anything is possible and within reach. You must chase your dreams because they are your future. That is if you want it bad enough.

Next week will be my last blog. I will definitely miss doing my weekly art work for all of you. I’ll come back and walk through my state board exam day.

My nail biter friend was busy again this week, so I went with my weekly iThumb — it’s MARBLEOUS! The marbleizing technique caught my eye a while ago and this week was kind of thrown in my face. The technique was published in a small booklet the college gives out. I hope everyone likes the marbelous iThumb. Have a great week! SNAP.

— Marti

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