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by NAILS Magazine | October 26, 2011
Editor's Note: We weren't planning on adding another new blogger this soon, but once we heard about Ramar's salon situation we knew he'd provide a unique perspective that we could all learn from. He's a hair salon owner {gasp -- it's OK, keep reading}, who's now adding a nail department to the existing salon. And he hopes to open it before Christmas!

Wow! I can’t believe my dream of owning both a salon and spa is coming to fruition. My name is Ramar Russell; I’m an aspiring cosmetologist and co-owner of True Envy Salon in Orlando, Fla., soon to be True Envy Salon Spa (yeah!) due to the upcoming addition of a new nail department to our existing hair studio.

Early August of this year, True Envy hair studio and retail store turned the ripe old age of three. In business three years sometimes feels like 30 years, but who’s counting when you are having fun? Until recently we only provided hair care services due to an existing nail salon one door down from us and an exclusive rights clause in its lease agreement designating it to be the sole service provider of nail and esthetic services in the plaza.

Recently the nail salon had the misfortune of closing its doors, and I decided to embark on the journey of becoming a salon-spa owner. I have always wanted to add nail and minor spa services to our current location. I thought of every possible scenario on how it could happen, except for the one that is presently taking place.

In short, we can’t take over the photography space next door because the owner expanded into that space. As for taking over the closed nail salon, that's also out of the question because the owner expanded into the location as well. As a result of those expansions we now are going to integrate two pedicure benches into our existing space within the next month to capitalize off of the holiday season.

As the executive business developer at True Envy I’m responsible for everything in the place (except for hair designing until I receive my cosmetology license). Therefore I must warn you this blog will be filled with everything, my heart and soul, my highs and lows and all my crazy antics while developing a much-needed nail department in a wonderful hair salon. But, wait, there’s more: With this blog you will not only receive my heart and soul on paper you will also get my trials and tribulations of becoming a technician in the industry for free. Yes, for free.

All you have to do is tune in to Blueprint of a First Year and you will receive:
Heart and Soul Scripts
Highs and Lows Papers
YOUR FREE GIFT – Trials and Tribulations.

--Ramar, True Envy Salon Spa, Orlando

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