Blueprint of a First Year

IKEA Furnishings

by NAILS Magazine | November 17, 2011

I've continued to buy furniture, in spite of the delay of the space. You will be amazed at my purchases. The majority of the shopping inspiration was provided by IKEA!

Four nail tables totaled $197 (the equivalent of one traditional manicure table). Tech chairs totaled $160. The lights overtop of the stations totaled $320. Four Waiting area chairs totaled $472. Pedicure stools totaled $350. Lighting over the pedicure stations $320.

Furniture total: $1,819.00 or the equivalent of one traditional pedicure spa chair.

I think we did well; thanks IKEA! I will coming back. For those who don't know, IKEA is great for business solutions. Stay tuned because the more I buy, the more I'm going to post.

--Chauna, Bmore Polished Lash & Nail Bar, Baltimore

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