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New at the Spa: Color Therapy

by NAILS Magazine | January 20, 2012

Aura-Soma Color Therapy Series / Courtesy of Caesars Palace


Do you believe color has the power to affect the body, mind, and spirit?


Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace  in Las Vegas is one of the first spas in the country to offer Aura-Soma therapy, a combination of massage and aromatherapy with the natural healing powers of color and light. The theory goes that color and light are used to balance a person’s energy wherever it is lacking, whether on the physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level. Two treatments — Aura-Soma Synergy (135 minutes; $400) and Aura-Soma Color Quest (75 minutes; $210) — are designed to bring balance and support to both the client’s physical and emotional well-being leading to enhanced awareness and self-discovery.


The treatments feature 109 beautiful Equilibrium bottles filled with colors, aromas, crystals, and light. These colorful blends contain 100% organic essential oils, herbs, and flower essences. Treatments begin with the client’s selection of duo-colored bottles and a color consultation to explain the meaning of each color and how it applies to each area of the person’s life. Each color combination and the order in which it is selected symbolizes a different area of the individual’s life including personality, gifts and talents, present state, and potential. Clients choose one color to focus on throughout the treatment and that color is incorporated into a multi-sensory experience, using sight, smell, and touch.


Says Shannon Stringert, spa manager at Qua: “Research has shown that color has profound effects on an individual’s mood and emotions. We created this series to help individuals interpret the way the subconscious experiences certain hues while incorporating traditional elements of massage.”


— Judy

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