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ISSE 2012: Perfectly Sized Towel Warmer

by NAILS Magazine | January 29, 2012

I recently uploaded this video to NAILStv that demoed a new towel warmer to enter the U.S. market, and it was even cooler to see it in person at ISSE.


Beauty Pro’s warmer is so small. It’s perfect for nail techs who might not be able to store a hot towel cabinet near their station otherwise. (And for massage therapists who hate leaving the room to grab a hot towel because the towel cabinet is somewhere else in the salon.)


It’s great for mobile manicurists because as co-founder Dave Herdman (right) showed me, the base can actually be detached for travel and stored inside the main (clear) part of the unit.


Co-founder Ibs Ansari (middle) and CEO Jennifer McKinley are also extremely enthusiastic about this product entering the U.S. (it’s been in the U.K. for some time), so stop by and learn about it.


Booth #3109



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