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$5,000 Gel-Polish a Hit at the Grammys

by NAILS Magazine | February 17, 2012

My interest is piqued by this trend of super expensive manicures. I love that clients are putting this much worth on having stunning nails (well, some clients, celebrities and such — but, hey that’s where many mainstream trends start!).

The trend continued at the Grammy Awards, where at least one celebrity sported a gel-manicure out of a $5,000 bottle. Adorned by celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees, Rihanna sported Red Carpet Manicure’s Amor 24 gel-polish, which is a 24-karat gold (yes, real gold) gel-polish.

(Now that you know what the gel-polish is made of, doesn’t it make you a little nervous to see it spilling out of the bottle in the photo?)

If you want a similar look in your salon but can’t front the $5K, here are some options I’d recommend:
Real Gold brand’s gold and silver flecked top coats, which are $7.95 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. (Plus, I just found out Real Gold Inc. also launched a line of gel-polish that contains real gold and costs $14.95 for 0.4 oz.)
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