Blueprint of a First Year

Pedi Station Construction Complete!

by NAILS Magazine | February 24, 2012

For over a year I've been trying to come up with a better pedicure station. The platforms worked great for getting my clients feet up higher for me to work on, but not everyone had an easy time with the steps. I finally came up with a solution that is easier for clients, keeps their feet high enough, and accomodates both the Footsie Bath and gel toe services. One long weekend later and the new pedi stations are now complete.

I just performed my first RockStar Toes Pedicure on the new platform and it was amazing! My client found it easy to sit and get up and loved that I could move the foot rest so easily throughout the service. It was a breeze to switch out the light and the Footsie Bath. Best of all, while I was doing the callus work and massage I pushed the foot cart toward her and had her rest the back of her calf on the foot rest. She was very comfortable, and I didn't have to hold her foot up, plus had the feet right over my lap (covered with a towel) so I was able to sit fully upright! Love, love, love the new set-up!

The platform that the chairs sit on is 7' wide x 2.5' deep x 17.5" high. The chairs are bolted to the platform for stability. The steps are 24"x18"x9" high. The foot rest cart is the ODDA night stand from IKEA. The footrests are foam and leather stapled to a board and then attached to the cart using cabinet legs, also from IKEA. I will be post a full step-by-step of the construction process soon on this blog for anyone who might be interested in trying this set-up.

My husband was also kind enough to assemble the last of my retail shelving, so the whole studio now has a much more open feel. So now I have a retail plan in place, my new website is up, and the new pedi station is complete. Those were my biggest projects on the slate for the new year. Now my next big projects are planning my anniversary event and hopefully finding a nail tech to join me at Panache.

—Candice, Panache Nail Studio, Stanwood, Wash.

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