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Nail Art Documentary Funded!

by NAILS Magazine | April 3, 2012

The in-progress nail art documentary “Nailgasm” reached (and actually exceeded) its Kickstarter fundraiser goal, which means we’ll all get to enjoy a documentary about nail art soon. You can watch the trailer on NAILStv.

I had the pleasure of meeting the filmmaker, who goes by the name of Brass (on the right in the photo), last week. We chatted on camera about topics like nail trends, the role trade magazines like NAILS have played in the nail art explosion, and super expensive nail art. I’m so excited about her movie.

Brass plans to enter “Nailgasm” in film festivals once it’s complete. We’ll definitely keep you posted on where you can view it. You can also get updates directly from Brass herself. Follow her on Tumblr ( and on Twitter (@NAILgasmDoc).


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