Blueprint of a First Year


by NAILS Magazine | April 24, 2012

Due to the need for discretion during the early planning stages, Vicki requested that we wait on posting her first few weeks of blog posts until now. Vicki wrote this one on March 2. Don't worry; we'll be caught up to the present day soon!--NAILS Eds.

Ahhhhhhh marketing! My favorite! I have so many ideas -- I just hope they work.

We're going to use Vistaprint for business cards and put all three of our names and cell numbers on the back. This way we only have to order one business card for all three of us, which saves money. The front will have the salon name, of course, address and the salon phone number, website address, and e-mail. I have already secured the web domain and e-mail address.

The major marketing piece will be a double-sided color postcard with small photos of the three of us, so potential customers know who we are. We will have some basic marketing keywords such as safe pedicures, sanitary environment, expert enhancements, gel polish etc., so potential customers know we are not a non-standard salon. The postcard will also direct them to the website for a complete salon menu, prices, and more details on who we are and what we offer. This postcard will be handed out to all clients who come to the salon so they can pass it along to their friends. We plan on passing them out to our neighbors, office buildings, and local businesses. Vistaprint can print 1,500 cards for less than $150 -- that's a penny each!

--Vicki, Polish Salon, Brea, Calif.

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