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Week 1: I Hope There's Still a Class Next Week

by NAILS Magazine | May 11, 2012

Well this was an odd day. The first and only day of class this week and there may not even be a next week. Each class has to have a minimum of 8 students and sadly our 8th did not show up. If she is still a no-show on Monday then the class could very well be canceled and tuition refunded (not on our kits though) and we will all be put on the waiting list for the following term. I think I would cry if this happens, but as I can’t do anything about it so I am putting it in God's hands and praying for the best. 

My teacher is Mrs. Brown and she is a very nice and personable lady with 15 years of nail experience and she has never once gone looking for a job. She has been headhunted for every position she has held, how cool is that? The students (the 6 so far not counting me) are all very bright and so far adorably pleasant people. A few are more outgoing then the others but as a group they are just so entertaining. The only temporary issue is all but one of them have had other courses together and already know each other and the teacher. The great news on that is you can see the respect and admiration they have for Mrs. Brown and that is a great sign of her teaching abilities. I am really looking forward to learning anything and everything she can teach me.

Now for my moment of embarrassment — as we were opening and stocking our kits (the box of wonder I have been itching to open for two weeks), I noticed my nail desk had a lot of trash and partially used cups of acrylic powder in the drawers and Mrs. Brown said to just trash it all as we have no way of knowing if it has been contaminated. Well...of course I stumbled and dropped every last one of those cups of powder on the way to the trash and as I started to vacuum it all up the vacuum starts emitting the most noxious burnt rubber smell and there are girls running in every direction. Kind of an auspicious start wouldn't you say? I could so see my husband’s face if I came home and upon learning I burnt down my school he would utter, "So, about normal for a first day for you then?"

Well, wish me luck that the class is still running and that hopefully I will not be known only for creating a smelly environment. That’s a photo of me in my brand new purple scrubs we have to wear to class. I didn't get a chance to get a shot of my desk, so you will just have to stay tuned and hope I am still around for that next week.

— Mary

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