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Week 3: Salon Practice and a Miracle Manicure

by NAILS Magazine | May 29, 2012

This week we started seeing paying clients, and I also got to work on my “freebie” and on another teacher from cosmetology. At our school, we are allowed to choose one person who can come in once a week for any service (other than a pedicure) for free. There is a two-part reason behind this: First, to help ensure we all receive the amount of services we need for our license. And second, it’s a bit of bribery for her to be our hand model for our final practical. I can’t wait to do acrylics and gel nails on her! 

The teacher, Mrs. Val, is an incredibly sweet lady but I was so nervous and tense it took almost an hour and a half to do her manicure (not including polish). Her nails are very thin and after deliberation between her and my teacher we did the Tammy Taylor Miracle Cure on her. I can’t wait for her to come back so I can see the results. Here is a brief run down on the Miracle Cure — it is very similar to gel-polish top coat, but it is permanent. It can be buffed off, but mainly we are supposed to allow it to grow out. What this is reputed to do seems like a miracle (hence the name)! You apply two to three coats, curing and cleaning with NAS thoroughly each time, and when you are done the nail has shine, strength, and structure and the client can wear any type of polish she desires, even gels or gel-polish. Any feedback on this product from you awesome fellow nail junkies?

I am completely enjoying my classmates and teacher. All my fears seem almost laughable now and I have even made a close friend. Unfortunately, most of this week is a bit of a blur, stomach flu hit all of us hard and half the class caught it, so I was very slow in my work. But I soldiered on and have only 47 practice acrylic nails to finish and then I can start putting acrylics on clients. I also aced another test. We even got in a birthday party for one of the sweetest girls you can meet! 

But I leave you all with another question. What led you to realizing you had a passion for nails? Six months ago someone shared a video of a water marbling tutorial on Facebook and I was instantly hooked.

— Mary

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