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Premiere 2012: Dashing Diva Double Smile Line Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | June 4, 2012

For all of your summer brides and bridesmaid clients, try this sophisticated yet flirty nail art design from celebrity nail tech Patricia Yankee Williams. “Dashing Diva has easy products,” Yankee said at her “Fashion Runway” class at Premiere Orlando 2012. Using Dashing Diva Professional French Wrap Plus, the design is not only easy but also creates perfect smile lines (especially important when you have two!).

To create this look at your salon:

1. Select the two French Wrap Plus colors (based on the wedding’s color scheme). Select the correct size of French Wrap Plus for the clients’ nail. You’ll use the same size for both colors. (Record the size on the client card for next time.) Prep the nail but don’t bother shaping yet.

2. Use brush-on glue on the nail’s sidewalls and on the color band of the product. Apply it by holding it flush to the natural nail and pressing it in. Clip off the applicator. Wipe off excess adhesive. Buff the surface.

3. Apply brush-on glue to the applied French Wrap Plus. Apply the second color of French Wrap Plus onto the nail, so only about half of the original French Wrap Plus is showing. Clip off the applicator. (Don’t extend French Wrap Plus past the natural nail free edge — it’s too thin to be used as an enhancement product.)

4. Now file to shape. Also file to smooth anything that may be sticking out.

5. Buff the nail lightly. Wipe. Apply Base Seal. Apply two coats of Top Seal. Air dry.

Yankee Williams recommends charging at least $15 or $20 more for creating this custom look.


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