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A Slow Week and Practicing at Home

by NAILS Magazine | June 6, 2012

I have officially reached and surpassed (by 20 hours) the halfway point of the nail program. My excitement is growing more and more each day. In just a short while I will graduate from the program, go to state board, and become a licensed nail tech! I only have two exams left (before the two finals). And I have 11 pedicures and 20 acrylic services left to complete before graduation. I am definitely ready for this.

I guess people are still vacationing from the holiday because this week has been slooow. I even attended school an extra day hoping to get more services, but that didn’t go according to plan. Over the three days I was at school, we only had four clients come in.

Not to be deterred, I just got out my supplies and practiced on myself. I’m working on trying to complete an acrylic overlay with my non-dominant hand. So far, it’s a challenge. This has me wondering, how do you maintain your nails? Does anyone have any technique tips for working with your non-dominant hand?

During my off days from school I go into my “Nail Nook” at home and get my practice on. The Nail Nook is my mini salon where I do all my work. I’m going to be honest, prior to this career I’ve never been one to practice. If excessive practicing was involved then you could count me out. But there is something about comparing my work from when I first began to my current work that motivates me. Being able to see that progress makes me want to continually strive to do better.

In order to keep up with my practice I have created a manicuring personal development plan that lists my weekly goals. I also created a manicuring progress chart that allows me to check off the goals that I have completed for the week.

Hopefully school picks up next week and I’ll have some exciting things to share. In the meantime, keep practicing!

I’ve included pictures of the Nail Nook, some of my home practicing and my progress charts. If any future/current nail tech students think my practice and progress sheets would help them, let me know and I’ll be happy to e-mail them to you.

— Starr

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