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Premiere 2012: Amazing Fantasy Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | June 6, 2012

Catherine Wong’s pups won first place “Best in Show” in the dog show-themed Fantasy Nail Art veteran competition during Premiere Orlando. Her combination of brown and gray-coated pure breeds with the vibrantly colorful dresses of the vintage-style pin-up models was a cute and effective way to tell a story. In case you didn’t see them before, click this link for her Kentucky Derby-themed fantasy nails from last year.

Viv Simmonds took second place in the veteran category with her “talented” canine designs. In the photo above, that second pup on the left has an award for Best Manicured!

Third place in the veteran category went to Nubar educator Shannon McCowan in her hilarious portrayal of a “hot” dog show. In the left of the photo, hot dog models strut their stuff. In the right of the photo, actual dogs watch on (I’d assume in hunger). Her model, Competition Insider blogger Classic Mully, was a first-timer on the modeling side of competition.

First place in the novice fantasy nail art competition went to Sommer Eva, who was both the artist and hand model. In her right hand (left side of the photo), a dog bone-shaped sign that reads “The Doghouse Theater Presents: CATZ” while a dog “pup”peteers a cat along the stage on her left hand (right of the photo). Second place in the novice category went to Lamy Love, while third went to Tammi Merritt.

I also had a chance to chat with Niedrana King (right) from Real Pro Nails in Seabring, Fl. and her model Shay Smith. This was her first competition!

For more photos from the Fantasy Nail Art competition, visit our online gallery.

— Kim
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