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Putting the Celebrity in Celebrity Manicurist

by NAILS Magazine | August 24, 2012

I remember nodding my head in agreement as I read nail tech and blogger Maggie’s rant about how the phrase celebrity manicurist doesn’t refer to a manicurist who’s a celebrity herself but to a manicurist who has celebrities for clients. As a writer, I’m bothered by that misnomer too.

But the funny thing is, with nails being the “It” beauty category right now, I’m starting to see crossover of celebrity manicurists actually becoming celebrities in their own right.

At a press event at an Ulta in Burbank, Calif., earlier this week, I saw this store display of press-on nails — note how the product packaging, the shelf talkers, and really every aspect of the display focus of the nail designer, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees. I personally love this! Kimmie loves it too. She told me, “People from where I grew up in Ohio will see this product on the shelves, then instantly text me, or take a photo of themselves by the display and message it to me.” Now if that isn’t the start of celebrity status, then I don’t know what is!

The idea behind these nails is it’s a way for the everyday woman to get the nails celebrities have worn for their own collection. For instance, there are three glitter nails (essentially “rock star” fingernails) , the red one was inspired by the nails Kimmie did for Rihanna for the July cover of Cosmopolitan. The adorable black polka dots on pink design was inspired by nails Kimmie did for Katy Perry.

I opted for the teal glitter nails, and they look amazing. I’m hoping neighbors will ask about them, so I can talk up one of our industry’s budding celebrities.

Event photography by Tiffany Kyees

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