Blueprint of a First Year

Pedicure Platform Completed

by NAILS Magazine | September 25, 2012

Measurements: 5' (60") deep by 10' (120") wide by 2' (24") tall.

We put three steps in the center and the whole platform is reinforced really well for strength. We covered it with plywood then white laminate and tiled the top surface and steps. We added trim and painted it with white gloss paint and if you look on the bottom we have a 6" indent for our feet so we can scoot up close.

We also have beautiful stools we bought to use at our desks that we roll over to the pedi area. The shorter ones are too short for the 24" platform. I wanted the platform high so the clients feet would be almost chest level so we did not have to bend over at all. It really is a simple build and anyone can do it.

We built it 60" deep to accommodate the big huge chairs we use. If you use a smaller chair then it does not have to be 60" deep.

--Vicki, Polish Salon, Brea, Calif.
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