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The Transition From Stay-at-Home Mom to Student-Mom

by NAILS Magazine | September 27, 2012

After leaving my world as a speech pathologist, I have always looked at mothers with careers in awe. How do you all do it? I had entertained the thought about going back to work shortly after my eldest daughter was born. I had her in a daycare that I quickly deemed unsafe, and that was that. My husband and I figured out that it actually made more sense financially for me to stay home than to pay for childcare. Four years later I had twins. Although I love my family, I have always known something was missing in my life. I thought I would go back to work in another special education setting, but I would get so involved with the lives of my clients and it would spill into my home life. 

Moving to a new state gave me a new start so I decided to attend nail school. I really didn't consider how the change from stay-at-home-mom to student-mom would impact our family. Sometimes I feel like everything is just spinning around me and I just want it all to stop. When I do something I like to do it wholeheartedly. I am a perfectionist by nature. I just want to throw myself completely into learning the craft and then there's a bump in the road — AKA life. I just have to realize that I need to take it a little slower than my classmates and stop comparing my skill level to theirs. I know in the end, the sacrifices will be worth it.

My nail tech program is a creative outlet, as well as an area where I can experience personal success. Whether it is passing a test, performing an amazing service for a happy client, or just trying something new. Grocery shopping, carpool, basic errands, cooking, cleaning and laundry successes are so short lived. Since I don't really know many people, school also provides a social outlet for me.

I have basically finished and passed almost all of my testing to date. After being out of school for so many years, it feels great to ace a test! To date I have learned about:

  • Career Essentials

  • Chemistry

  • Anatomy

  • Nail Physiology

  • Natural Nails

  • Artificial Nails

  • Specialty Nails

  • HIV/AIDS Education

My instructor did an amazing nail art demonstration the other day. Besides all the amazing 3D effects (including an adorable ice cream cone) she also created a fishbowl with glitter and 3D mold appliqués! Very inspirationa! 

I also met another student who inspires me every day! She came in with experience, but is so willing to help out others. Her work blows me away! I'm looking forward to leaving all my cares at the door and having some fun!!

— Alissa

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