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What a Difference a Day Makes

by NAILS Magazine | October 2, 2012

The other day my instructor was ill so class was cancelled. At first I thought, bummer, and then I realized my house was empty! I could listen to music of my choice and work on some acrylics. Little did I know that my entire house would smell of monomer. After doing the best I could, I took a break to watch some demonstrations on YouTube. Besides Gemma from NAIO, I really enjoy Tammy Taylor’s site. We were given her pink-and-white sheet to practice on at school, so she is the first name that I learned in the industry. I was looking for a pink-and-white demonstration, but instead found some really creative art demos.


In class today our instructor gave an acrylic demo and I was finally able to practice on a student’s nails  — yay! I was about to go practice a full set on some plastic fingers when in walks Giselle Marti, company educator from Tammy Taylor Nails. She demonstrated the Gelprisa line for us and used various creative techniques including Britto. I had just seen her performing it on YouTube. So weird! She was so inspiring. She admitted that she had never thought she could do nails until Tammy had taken her under her wing. She also said that when Tammy first started, it took her eight hours to do a full set. I think she said Tammy can do it in 15 minutes now — but I may have heard wrong. If I had felt insecure about my skill level, I surely do not anymore. Practice makes perfect.


I'm including some of Giselle's work. She had said we could photograph her. 


What a fun day!


— Alissa


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