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White Scrubs...Who Knew?

by NAILS Magazine | April 9, 2013

Picture this...I decided that I'm not going to buy my scrubs from Walmart. Why you ask? Two reasons. First, the fabric (to me) literally feels like it's going to take layers of my skin off; yes it's that tough. Second, I've seen too many interns come into the office and their scrubs split down the seam of their pants, exposing more than I'm betting they want anyone to see. So I get out my cell phone and use my Yelp app and locate this cute little store called Cherokee Dickies Scrubs. This is my first time shopping for scrubs so I really didn't know what to expect, but I never guessed that I'd be so excited to see all the different patterns, styles, and colors. However, my joy was short-lived when I remembered that the state board requires my scrubs to be all white (insert frown and deep heavy sigh here). I reluctantly return a multi-colored cheetah print top back to the rack and turned to get help finding the perfect pair of all-white scrubs. I was trying to be humorous when I asked for help but low and behold there really is an art to finding the perfect pair of white scrubs.

Now for those of you like me who don't know; the bottoms of all white scrubs are extremely see-through, and I'm sure I gave the sales associate more than an eyeful with my multi-colored patterned under bottoms that I foolishly chose that day. I don't know about her but I was uncomfortable. The secret (and this is all coming from the sales associate because I was completely clueless) is to buy them in a bigger size than you normally would so they can sit away from the skin. Sounds easy right...yeah but we're talking about me here. After trying on about 10 different white bottoms I finally found a pair I liked (insert trumpet sound and auditorium cheering here).

So I'm standing in the mirror admiring myself, grinning from ear to ear, when it dawned on me...two weeks left and I'll be in school! For the first time in a long time (too long) I felt excited about my future and proud that after all my many setbacks I'm blessed to be able to actually set things in motion toward accomplishing one of my goals!

Once I returned home, ran from our grown puppy (swearing that if he put as much as one drop of drool on my new scrubs I would sell him on the black market), I was writing my initials on labels to put on my belongings inside my kit and textbooks for class, when I decided I wanted to show you that the Academy of Nails & Esthetics has started using the OPI student kits (filled with all type of OPI goodies). When I first opened this kit it felt like Christmas and I'm sure my usual squeals of delight were much higher pitched (from the look of my boyfriend's face they were). It's comforting to know that we'll be training with quality products.

If anyone knows of any other products, tools, or rituals for what it's worth; that would help me or make grasping concepts/techniques easier to learn while in school (share things that they don't teach in school that I would need in the real world...oh yeah I've read the horror stories of having to fake it until you make it once you pass the state board and land your first job) drop me a comment below. I would greatly appreciate whatever helpful information anyone has to offer.

As for the all white scrubs...I'm going to pair them with some colorful nails and nail art!

— Staceyln

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