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$13,000 = The Auction Price of Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Nail

by NAILS Magazine | June 6, 2013

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Did you get your bid in?

Soon after our blog post about Lady Gaga’s acrylic nail being available for sale on, the embellished black-and-gold enhancement reached the reserve bid.

And on May 30, the single talon designed by nail tech Aya Fukuda sold for a whopping…[drum roll please] $13,000 (£8,500, to be exact). Gasp!

The nail was recovered from the Aviva Stadium stage in Dublin by a crew member after Lady Gaga finished a performance on the Born This Way Ball tour. Kind of makes you celebrity nail techs want to “accidentally” forget the nail glue with your clients, take the fallen nail masterpiece home, and list it for auction, huh?

I hope Lady Gaga’s nail tech charges accordingly in the future…by my calculations, that’s $130,000 for a full set!

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