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Getting Caught Up...Being a Nail Student Is Busy!

by NAILS Magazine | June 7, 2013

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been M.I.A. from the scene lately but I've been super busy. I've learned so much in such a short period that I feel my head spinning at times. I'll do my best to bring you up to speed :)

First, I've learned how to properly use the e-file. This device can be a little tricky and downright scary at times but once you work with it (and practice, practice, practice) then it will become your best friend. It literally cuts your time in half. I can buy one (or should say I can buy a plain drill) from my school for a mere $25. We have heated debates about this in class. Some say that the drill works fine for them and once they get more practice in that it will be the best drill to have (plus it's cheap) and they don't see why they should have to pay so much for an e-file anyway since it's basically doing the same functions. I say (or should I call us team B) that there is a huge difference in a drill and an e-file. Plus you get what you pay for. The drill heats up too quickly and this would be uncomfortable to the client (plastic fingers don't complain as much) and the drill itself doesn't run shifts and jumps and files unevenly. So again, you get what you pay for!

Second, we had a guest speaker from OPI named Arnetta Hicklin (pictureed above). I really enjoyed her presentation and how she was able to show us shortcuts and tricks that we could do with our brushes to be able to apply a better application of acrylic or gel. She also taught us the business side of our nail business — how to properly evaluate your clients, how to keep them happy and satisfied without compromising your integrity, and how to increase your revenue. She was there half the school day and every hour with her was productive. She said she would be back and I can't wait!

Third, I have officially reached my 60-hour mark (I know it seemed like! I can now perform basic services on clients that make appointments with the school. A wonderful client came into the school named Paige, and she didn't care what we wanted to practice as long as we painted her nails with the color of her choosing. We used a system called SNS. You guys, this stuff rocks. If you haven't heard about this product stop right now, bookmark this page, and go to YouTube to see how the process works. You can do an entire full set in no time and the application is virtually odorless. I was able to do one hand and another student did the other one. Afterwards, we cut out designs from Dashing Diva Nail Appliqués and I made a random nail design for her. She was so happy she left a $20 tip (which we had to split but I was still excited) and said she would return!

All in all I'm pretty happy with how school is going and hopefully this week they'll teach me how to sculpt 3-D bows with gel :)

— Stacelyn

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