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Week 2: My Support Systems Means Everything

by NAILS Magazine | October 14, 2013

So last week was my first week and my boys were on fall break. It was nice to be able to start the night program without worrying about homework, dinner, and all the other mom duties.

But this week they were back to school and I am exhausted but grateful that I have a supportive team player kind of husband.

Since I am home during the day, I feel it’s my job to get the house in order and have everything set for the evening. Well it really didn’t flow that smoothly for me.

My days went like this: 5 am wake up, boys up, breakfast, school drop off — two different schools, school helper, back home to do more mom chores, pick up kids, get ready for night class, make sure they have their outfits ready, start homework, tell hubby what to make for dinner, give them a kiss and I’m off. I know, I know, nothing crazy but you know how we moms are always thinking of ways to improve so our troops won’t feel sad because mom is gone at night.

That mom guilt was creeping in on this sleepy lady. Thank goodness my husband seemed to notice by Wednesday and had taken over homework duty all together so that way we were not scrambling for that last hour I’m home.

My 6-year-old struggles in school so a set structure at homework time is very important and I was afraid my husband just wasn’t going to get it, but he did and we all survived while I was away for 5 hours!

My husband is just happy that I am finally doing what I always talked about and he doesn’t want anything to stop me from reaching that goal so the fact that when I’m frantic about schedules, he always keeps calm and takes over. I’ll hang on to him for now! Lol

There have been a few ladies who have had to miss class because of not having support at home and I can see the stress in their eyes when they come in. It is such a huge sacrifice coming to school when we have children and a home to take care of, on top of the financial responsibility we have. So having a support system/team in place means everything!

This week we worked on gels. We did gel manicures, gel tips, gel forms, and I loved it! I for sure thought that gels were going to be a struggle but I got it immediately. My instructor said it usually takes people a few times before it starts to look decent but since I seemed to have it down, she would be extra picky with my work. Good! A cosmo student even allowed me to put a full gel set on her the next day and they came out fabulous! I love gels!

Even through my dark circles and tired mind, my eyes are alive with excitement on this nail journey! Until next week ladies!

— Jessica

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