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Week 9: A Short Week of Practice

by NAILS Magazine | December 3, 2013

The holidays are here! Last week was short and sweet. We only had a handful of clients so it gave us time to get our own nails done. My classmate Sarah gave me an acrylic full set and I attempted to give her one — not cute but that’s what a file is for! LOL.

I gave myself some crazy nails and worked on nail art. My nephew Tony even tried his hand at nail art. If you have a creative side, nail art can be fun no matter how manly the guy!

I entered a contest I saw on the website for a chance to win a disinfectant tray from Mehaz professional and I WON! I never win anything. I can’t wait to get it!

By Sunday evening I toned down my nails with a natural simple color.

— Jessica

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