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Week 16: Busy Week!

by NAILS Magazine | February 5, 2014
For the last few weeks I had been feeling kind of — I don't know — out of it. Like my skill level was going backwards and I was starting to think maybe I wouldn't be that amazing manicurist I picture myself being. I talked to my instructor about how I was feeling. It was a good thing to let it out because it helped me regroup and prepare for what ended up being a busy week. It’s funny how you can start doubting your decisions, and then a few conversations can help you get rid of all the negative thoughts.

My week was full. I saw women from all ages and walks of life, which is part of what I love about being in this industry! I gave a young lady her first Shellac manicure. It reminded me of how I felt getting my nails done for the first time. I also saw a woman who was going to be celebrating her 95th birthday on the 22nd, which is a day after mine. We upgraded her to a complimentary spa manicure. She was so jazzed, and it gave me more time to listen to her stories.

I can officially say I am one with my liquid and powder. Haha! I gave myself a full set and did three rebalances.

I'm recharged and ready for more nail adventures to come my way!

— Jessica

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