ISSE Long Beach 2014 Recap

by Holly Schippers | February 7, 2014
How many of you made it to ISSE? The weather in Long Beach was a nice change from the below 0F that has been dominating the Midwest this winter. The show was interesting, and I enjoyed working with Lucien and Barry. The items from the FingerNailFixer Tool Combo conceptualized by LaVaque are pretty self-explanatory and a lot of fun to work with. Empower brought on lots of questions though, so for those that couldn't make it to the show, here's a video that shows only a small part of what it is and can do. If you have additional questions, I'm happy to answer them or you can visit the Empower site or Facebook.

I like to ask people if they have seen anything new and exciting at the show when they visit me for a demo. In addition to Empower Nail Art making an impression, Famous Names created quite a buzz with IBX. I'm just as curious as the next nail professional about what it can do, so look for a future blog exploring the product and possibilities.

— Holly
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