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Week 17: Almost Finished

by NAILS Magazine | February 10, 2014
I'm on the home stretch in my nail program. I am ahead of schedule with required procedures — just a few pedicures left.

As I'm getting close to the end, I have had more questions/concerns with my school. When I signed up, I was given the rundown of all these great opportunities I could take advantage of while enrolled, but none of those opportunities have come up. We are also considered a "spa" nail program, but it feels like anything but a spa environment.

I am someone who wants to find solutions, and I will help even when it’s not my place to. So I have spoken with the director about my concerns so I can get answers for myself and some of the other students who come here and are frustrated but don't know how to voice them professionally.

I've been a bit disappointed with the school. Thank goodness for my instructor who is very knowledgeable but also open to listening to our feedback about what we would like to see or work on and makes sure we get what we need.

She allowed me to change our classroom completely around. I took our spa products out and displayed them with rolled towels, set up a water fountain, and rearranged our desks in a way that felt like the room flowed but still remained a classroom. I also requested that we have a display out in the cosmo area and to be able to apply SolarOil to the cosmo clients. So far, I have gotten “no” for an answer.

It’s never been in me to sit back and say nothing, and coming into the beauty industry much older than most of the other women motivates me to keep pushing for more.


— Jessica


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