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Week 22: Beauty Changes Lives

by Jessica | March 31, 2014

As I head into my last week of the spa nail program at Bellus Academy, I am reflecting on everything I have learned skill-wise and what I have learned about myself.

Bellus Academy has lived up to my expectations, even in regard to the few concerns I had a while back, as they were all addressed.

I was taught proper client protection, sanitation, and how to give a client a spa experience. I fell in love with applying gel enhancements, as well as Shellac. I can even say that I now feel confident in my ability to perform a full set of liquid and powder, as well as a rebalance — it’s true!

It’s interesting — as I was reflecting on where I have been and where I am headed, a doubt started to creep in. Then I came across an old notebook in a storage bin that was dated 1998. I had written out a service menu of what I would offer in my salon and what licenses I had planned to get that year.

If you take a moment to truly listen to yourself, you will know exactly where you’re supposed to be.

I was so afraid to begin a new journey, as I feared I was too old to be a part of this industry. And now here I am at 38, venturing into the world of beauty, and I am surrounded by open arms.

This year I look forward to working for a salon, really getting the hang of my new skills, as well as learning other techniques. I will continue taking education classes and creating my plan to become a salon owner.

Beauty is challenging yourself and standing tall.

Beauty is powerful.

Beauty is ageless.

And I now represent the beauty industry.

— Jessica

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