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Week One: Hectic but Fun!

by Harriet Gibson | July 7, 2014

My first week has been a hectic one, and my mind is well and truly boggled.

Last week, my nerves began to set in. My main fear is clients. Working on real live humans is by far the most nerve-wracking part of training because we all know that there's no room for nail fails when someone is paying you cold, hard cash (albeit at trainee discount rates). Nightmare scenarios always run through my head — will they hate what I've done? Will they all ping off as soon as they get home? Will they bad-mouth me all over town? Talk about stressful!

To distract myself from imaginary horror clients, I buried my head in nail art. There’re some amazing summer prints at the mall that I’ve paid homage to, and I’m practicing my portrait work ahead of world skills. Personally, I like using Crystal Nails One Move Acrylic Paint and a cut-down sable brush. I always sketch out designs first for competition work. Here is a peek at what I created:


This week I have been settling into my new surroundings. Check out my desk and all of the wonderful colours I've got to work with!

I’ve also gotten myself a few kit bits from EZ Flow and a sable brush to try and master acrylics with. My trainer Amanda sent me home with a very scary looking plastic finger that will be my model until further notice, and I’ve been watching YouTube videos on repeat to try and get ahead of the game.

Watching the qualified ladies in the salon is awe-inspiring; they make it look so easy, but after a few botched attempts at getting my mix ratio right, I can certainly say it’s not. However, I’m up for the challenge and I cannot wait to get started!

Until next week,

— Harriet

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