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The High Road to Education Returns With Record Numbers

by Judy Lessin | September 27, 2014

More than 60 nail professionals came together for a weekend of education and social interaction at the High Road to Education (HRTE) Buffalo on September 14-15, 2014. Hosted by nail tech Tammy Warner, this event featured educators Lorena Marquez, Gina Silvestro, Amy Becker, Traci Dungan, Ami McClure, Joseph Pham, Tammi Merritt, Jennifer Wirth, Victoria Lys Hunter, and Jaime Schrabeck.

Among the largest group to participate since the event debuted in 2008, nearly half the participants were experiencing HRTE for the first time. Said Jessica Jeffords, a newly licensed nail tech, “I wish we could do this every weekend. I learned so many new tips and art forms. I can’t wait to give them all a try.”

Even educators who’ve participated in many past HRTE events were impressed. “What a success!” said Gina Silvestro. “These students traveled by train, plane, and automobile to raise industry standards and improve their skills. I know I learned so much. I’m so inspired by my fellow educators and students as well.”

Warner has organized more than 20 HRTE events across the U.S. and in Australia, Canada, and Singapore. The next HRTE will be in Las Vegas on March 15-16, 2015, featuring Catherine Wong and many other leading educators. Future dates and locations will be announced through the group’s Facebook page,

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