Hit a Technique Plateau? Consider Taking a Class

by Holly Schippers | October 17, 2014

Sometimes I just feel the need to brag about the amazing nail professionals that come out to class and put their best effort in to improve their skills to create a better shot at making a living by doing nails. I had several people in class this past Monday that had traveled in to be there and made leaps and bounds in progress! I’m sharing a photo of the work from one, although everyone had equally impressive improvement.

Have you looked back on photos of your work from six months ago? A year? If you are not seeing improvement and the work stays the same for several years, it’s time to consider a class.

I have heard every excuse there is for not going to a class, and I have produced some of them myself throughout my nail journey. So to make your life easier, here is a mini class via YouTube to get you motivated to see some change and reconsider attending one in person!

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