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Meet Student Blogger Brittany Machelle

by Staff | January 29, 2015
Brittany Machelle

Brittany Machelle

Hello Beautiful Beings! My name is Brittany Machelle. I was born and raised in Charleston, S.C. I have traveled away many times, but life always brings me back to my roots, so this is where I will become an amazing nail technician.

I am a lover of balance, but I never realized how much appreciating my younger self would balance out all of my life experiences thus far. I was always a different little girl, but have learned to love the eccentricity! As a child, you could find me mixing ingredients to make my own skin care products, painting, sewing, or decorating. I have changed a lot since then, but my foundation has stayed the same.

I say this because I originally went to college to study biology in hopes of becoming an ob-gyn. However, after three years of undergrad I realized that I loved biology, but nutrition was my passion. The only problem was that a program to become a registered dietitian was not offered at my school. So I took a break from college and moved to Dallas where I fell in love with skin care and started my esthetics career. I recently became a licensed esthetician and I am currently working as one, as well. But halfway through my esthetics program, I realized my love for abstract nail designs and techniques has not faded away, so nail tech school…here I come!

I will be attending Charleston Cosmetology Institute, starting Feb 3, 2015. The nail program is 600 hours, even though South Carolina requires only 300. So I expect to be well prepared for the industry. Classes are Tuesday-Saturday (yes, Saturday!), 9am-4pm, for five months. This is a full-time job, but I LOVE to learn! The uniform is a combo of black and white, which I can get pretty creative with, believe it or not.

Like many people in the beauty industry, I would love to own my own business, and I am building it day by day. My business will cater to a balanced life. I will heal your skin as an esthetician, change your relationship with food as a registered dietitian, and make you feel creative and feminine as a nail technician. Throughout my career, I plan to travel, write, and network with many other beauty lovers.  

Welcome to my journey! Orientation is next week, and then it all begins…so catch me in my next post!

Until next week,

— Brittany

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