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Mani Monday: Psychedelic Smiley Nail Art

by Sigourney Nuñez | July 27, 2015

For the glitter-obsessed client, offer her a prismatic design that’s in style for summer. Holographic nail art designs feature an iridescent effect that’s futuristic and trendy. Top the spacey base with a smiley face for a psychedelic feel. Follow these steps from newly licensed nail tech Katie Masters for the how-to.

1. Prep the nail. Apply Presto gel base coat and cure. On the inhibition layer of the base coat, sprinkle CND Additives over the entire nail using a soft bristle brush. Apply clear gel over the pigment and cure. Apply a second coat of pigment if desired.

2. With  Presto While Art gel and a small art brush, draw a circle. This will help make the pastel colors pop more and create a good base for the smiley. Cure.

3. Using the same art brush, blob pastels anywhere within the circle for a psychedelic effect. Once the colors are in the desired place, clean the brush and lightly dab the borders of the colors to blend them. Cure.

4. Use a fine-line brush and black gel to create an outline around the smiley.

5. Use a dotting tool and black art gel to draw the eyes.

6. Use a liner brush and draw the smile. Cure. Cap the design with gel top coat and cure.

For more work from Katie, follow her on Instagram @nailthoughts. Visit here for more Mani Monday inspiration.

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