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CND’s Italian Distributor Hosts a Country-Wide Contradictions Day

by Judy Lessin | November 2, 2015

On October 16, Ladybird, CND’s Italian distributor, hosted a country-wide “Contradictions Day” to celebrate autumn and the launch of CND’s 2015 Fall Contradictions Collection, which features new Vinlyux Weekly Polish and Shellac Brand 14+ Day Nail Colors.

With more than 800 salons participating, women all over the country were able to preview this season’s trends and play with the textures and colors of the Contradictions Collection. In an ongoing social media campaign, Italian women were encouraged to share their own personal “contradiction,” citing examples such as “starting to diet on a Sunday” and “being very clumsy, however dreaming to become a ballerina.” The campaign garnered attention from outlets such as Italian Vogue and Glamour Italy.

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