Continuing Education: The Science Side of Nails

by Holly Schippers | November 6, 2015

The most common reason I hear for nail professionals not attending classes or shows is that they are too far away and too expensive. With this in mind, I want to bring your attention to an inexpensive online database of classes.

What would you say if I told you that you could choose from 54 15-minute sessions for $7 a month? My hope would be that you are now impatient for a link to start gathering more information immediately!

First let me break the sad news: It is a resource very few nail professionals are currently using. This education is available worldwide from the comfort of wherever you have internet access and at $7 a month rate, I would really like to know what keeps every nail professional in the world from having a subscription.

I’m talking about Doug Schoon’s Face-to-Face series. New episodes continue to be added and he takes viewer questions, compiles them and answers them in in scientific detail. Once of the great things about this service is that the answers are based on science and facts, not brands or opinions. I’ve just finished viewing episode 54, here’s the descriptor:

EPISODE 54 – Part 1 of 3 – Can we trust nail products that come out of China? Can a nail product be both a gel and glue at the same time? Is acetone a safe solvent? Can some products prevent cracking and breaking which makes the nail plate stronger so it can grow longer? How can I separate the facts from the myths?

Do you know the answer to all of those questions? Are you sure? Do you know what cyanoacrylates are? They’re used for a lot of things and Doug talks about them explaining some chemistry. Part of being a nail professional that strives to advance the industry is continuing to learn. Knowledge is power and we all need to be powerful people! If you are not swayed by my personal belief that this education is vital to your knowledge, visit the page and watch a couple of episodes that are available free as a chance for you to see what it’s like before purchasing.

When you look it over and wonder if the $7 a month is worth it, I want you to think about money you frivolously spent over the last month. Can you afford to have less knowledge than your fellow professionals? Do you want to be part of the reason our industry is unable to elevate itself so that we can command the respect and pricing our beauty professional co-workers have earned?

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