Nail Tech Helps the Homeless

by Holly Schippers | January 8, 2016

The tip for Day 9 seemed to resonate with a lot of you. What made me really proud to be a part of our industry was to learn how many nail professionals already gather donations.

I wanted to share that industry pride with you and post what nail tech, Nikki Kaur, does in Wolverhampton, UK. Here is the interview:

FNF: What gave you the idea?

My husband and I donate every year to the homeless. This year I got Facebook friends, clients, and family involved. They put together gifts in a shoe box and wrapped it up.

FNF:Did you set any guidelines for donations?

The box includes snacks, pop, warm gloves, scarfs, and toiletries.

FNF:How do you go about finding homeless poeple in your area?

I work with the homeless; therefore, I choose to donate to the men's homeless units in the West Midlands UK.

FNF:Have you done this before?

For the past five years my husband and I have donated clothing and food.

FNF: Can I share your social media links for other nail professionals to follow you?

They can follow my Facebook: Nikki Kaur

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