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UK Student Embeds Oyster Travel Card Chip in Her Nails

by Erika Kotite | July 18, 2016

Touch in and out - Oyster card acrylic nails with RFID chip - Last chance to come and see them in my final collection at the Central Saint Martins degree show! All inspired by engaging with our daily surroundings... #csmloading #jewellerydesign #technology #nailart #luciedavis #everydayvalue #interaction #information #decoration

A photo posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

Lucie Davis, a senior design major at Central St. Martins, received her senior project mission: Design a product that shows the wonder of engaging with one's daily surroundings. She landed on an ingenious wearable tech idea that bus and metro users will love: Oyster-embedded nails.

Oyster is the ubiquitous smart travel card used by millions in the greater London area to get around. Davis removed the RFID chip and layered it into one of her acrylic nails. Then she painted all of her nails in the card's distinctive blue, white, and dark blue stripes.

Davis is a jewelry design major and created the nails as part of her Bachelor of Arts degree program.

Touch in and out, and look great doing it. We love higher education!

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