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Atlanta Tech Self-Publishes Nail Art Magazine

by Katherine Fleming | July 5, 2018

When Atlanta-based nail tech Marlette Robinson noticed that hair salons and beauty supply stores had magazines showing hairstyles with stylists’ contact information, she wondered why there wasn’t something similar for the nail industry. That’s why she launched her own self-published nail magazine, Nail Design 101, six years ago. Published once a year and distributed to salons through word of mouth, the magazine features nail art and serves as a directory for nail techs in different locations and with varying areas of expertise.

The magazine mostly caters to clients, who can browse nail looks while getting their hair done, but it can also be used as a way for nail techs to network. “If there’s something a client wants and I’m not able to do it, I can direct her to the magazine,” says Robinson. “I can refer a client who’s looking for a tech in the Myrtle Beach area, for example. It’s all about networking, because one nail tech can’t do it all.” She also wants to show clients how many nail designs are available to them. “A lot of clients just know a simple style, and the magazine says, ‘No, nails go a lot further than that,’” she explains.

Robinson receives submissions for the magazine from nail techs she knows personally, and also seeks out contributions on Instagram, looking for techs who post good photos and whose location and contact information is listed on their profile. In creating the magazine, Robinson hopes to help other nail techs while providing simple education to clients to help them understand their nail services better.

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