1. Marble

Stone cold mani by @nailz_by_dev ❄️✨ #nailsmagazine

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Marble nails have been a constant top performer on social media for the past few years, but stone-inspried sets took on new life with a matte finish in 2017.

2. Sweater Sets

Stella Sampson Athens, Greece @nailart.stella

Stella Sampson
Athens, Greece

It's not even winter yet and this technique certainly isn't new, but bundled up nails are very much in-demand. 

3. Denim

@ nail_expressions1

Speaking of wearables, denim made a splash on digits this year.

4. IT

@ haha_nails_

The horror remake set box office records, but was also a hit with nail enthusiasts as well. See more sets here

5. Insect 

Deanna Stelmaschuk

Deanna Stelmaschuk

It sounds gross, but people bugged out over insect-inspired art that's actually quite beautiful. 

6. Total Eclipse

Remember back in August when we all stared at the sky? There were also a ton of eclipse-inspired sets worth staring at as well.

7. Watermelon

Via Nail Art Gallery

Mouth-watering mixes of pink, green, and seeds dominated manis in summer 2017. Sink your teeth into 24 more designs here. 

8. Cacti

Via Nail Art Gallery

Cacti coolness swept the land with 3-D inspired succulents and cute, flat cactus nails popping up everywhere

9. Beauty and the Beast

When the live-action version of a tale as old as time debuted in March, artists set out to create nails that were the belle of the ball. See more here.

10. Feminist Fingers


The Women's March kicked off 2017 with a powerful statement that eventually took to nails as well. Expect to see more manis like this in 2018

11. Gucci Gang

The fashion house reinvented itself with a modern aesthetic, and in doing so inspired high-fashion nail art.

12. Glow in the Dark


The demand for glow powder made these special effects nails light up even more. 

13. Unicorn

Jenn Fetty

Jenn Fetty

In April the Unicorn Frappuccino invaded our tastebuds, beginning an onslaught of all things unicorn. Browse more unicorn horn nails here.

14. Airbrush

Airbrushed art made a brief comeback in 2017.

15. Holo With Heart

Via Nail Art Gallery

If unicorn and chrome nails had a baby, it would be the holo nail. This rainbow reflective effect was spotted all over nails and product lines in 2017. 

16. Slim Smile Lines

Image via @paolinana

Image via @paolinana

A slender smile line was certainly big in 2017. See more examples here.

17. Rose Gold

Via Nail Art Gallery

This metallic shade made the year all the more rosey.

18. Toenail Art

Whether it's an ombre or an elaborate handpainted design, fancy footwork gave us all the feels this past year. 

19. Cat Eye

Magnetized nails were massive in 2017, spawning several cat eye (called that due to the reflectiveness of the design) product lines.

Which trend was your favorite? Did we miss one? Let us know what you think should have made the list.

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