As director of education for Universal Companies (, Anita Lumpkin is charged with creating step-by-step protocols for the unique spa treatments she develops to help salons keep their menus fresh and fun. Salon owners can follow the same process she does when developing their own treatment protocols. Here’s her checklist of questions to consider when developing a new service:

1. How does this treatment benefit the client? It’s important that a treatment be results-oriented and that the results are highlighted in the menu description and provided to the therapist performing the service.

2. What’s the salon’s cost for the service? Knowing the cost per service is important to make sure that your business thrives. This is why when a protocol is developed, each product used is measured and the cost is carefully calculated. Then you know exactly how to price your service.

3. What is the exact timing? Most spa owners are amazed when I tell them that each protocol is tested and timed before it’s placed on the protocol page or provided to a spa professional. Timing is so important, and sometimes protocols have to be changed to meet the timing requirements for spas. Many times, the protocols are tested two to three times before they’re perfected.

4. How challenging is the treatment for the therapist? Each protocol is developed with the therapist in mind. Each product is selected based on active ingredients and ease of use because therapists must be fully on board with a service in order for it to truly benefit the client.

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