Butter Toki’s Fluffy Maple Pancakes fragrance oil-based perfume will leave your clients smelling sweet. The shop features many different scents that range from baked goods to luscious fruit. If you are tired of the traditional floral aromas out there, this is the company for you.



Xyrena’s Dark Ride captures the scent of water ride staples like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, and Splash Mountain. Part of the company’s VR collection, the unisex fragrance is meant to recreate a highly-sought-after sensory experience. The scent is strangely mesmerizing and certainly one of a kind.



Seventh Muse’s handmade violet perfume oil has a light vintage floral scent. It comes in a .5-oz. glass bottle, and is nestled inside a glossy black box with matching vintage-style labels. The oil contains no alcohol or water, so the scent is not diluted.



Frankie & Myrrh’s Hello Sunshine contains scents of bergamot, rose, and lemon. A great light, subtle freshwater perfume spray, it can be used as an after-shower body mist or as a deodorant spray under clothing. It also works well as a car freshener, room freshener, or linen spray.



Inkling Scents’ Sultry has a base of creamy sandalwood and white amber, a lotus flower, orchid, and Bulgarian rose heart, and a silky vanilla top note. The company’s oil blends are more subtle when initially applied, but last longer as the oil does not evaporate but rather absorbs into the skin. The perfume comes in a .33-oz. roll-on glass bottle.



Singularity Handmade’s Elevated is a unique mixture of citrus and rosemary essential oils. It has top notes of lemon and lime, with rosemary as a middle note, and a light beeswax base note. The .25-oz slide tin has a lock to make sure the lid does not slip off. This solid perfume is made with natural essential oils only.


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