1. Dust every nook and cranny. Take note of the dustiest retail items and rethink your merchandising and display strategies.
2. Spy on the competition. Your visit can be strictly virtual, or you can book an undercover visit at a nearby salon and get some much-deserved pampering while you scope out the other guy.
3. Find missing persons. Send “haven’t seen you in a while” notes to clients you haven’t seen in a while. Offer them an incentive to return soon.
4. Create a client survey. You can email the survey to your client list — or get on the phone and chat with new clients about their impressions of your salon.
5. Plan your promotions. Grab a calendar and come up with a marketing plan for the entire year. That includes social media marketing and paid advertising.
6. Write a press release. Figure out what is notable about your salon and write a press release that you can email to local media. Be sure to include photos.
7. Organize your paperwork. Get your tax stuff ready for the accountant.
8. See the salon anew. Take a walk through the salon and see it with fresh eyes — as if you’ve never been there before. Write a to-do list based on what you see and give yourself a deadline for each task.
9. Stretch your skills. Look at nail art online and practice something that seems just a little beyond your current abilities.
10. Do some math. Figure out your stats, like cost-per-service, average ticket price, and client retention rate.
11. Consolidate the holes in your appointment book. Then take a morning off. You could sleep in or head for the mall to exchange any ill-fitting holiday gifts.

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