“I love writing. It’s the form of creativity closest to my heart,” says Shirlee Ann Kerr, a Glendora, Calif.-based celebrity manicurist and CND education ambassador. Kerr’s love of writing takes many forms; she’s a poet, lyricist, and creative writer. Most recently, however, she’s taking a turn as a beauty and fashion columnist for a local community magazine called The Avenue.

“I see this as my forum to share my thoughts and inspire,” says Kerr, who brainstorms topics with the magazine staff at weekly meetings. “In the beauty column, I cover hair, makeup, nails, seasonal topics, and creative endeavors like nail art. My fashion stories focus on the season’s clothing styles and trends,” she says. “With color palettes changing each season within the nail industry, I stay in touch with what’s trending in terms of color and tone, which spills over into the fashion industry as well.” Writing her fashion column may require doing some online research, but Kerr also incorporates what she sees on sets and photo shoots. “The fashion articles challenge me to go outside my ‘nail’ box and reach into a new industry that I also find fascinating.”

Kerr’s love of the written word extends to other ventures as well. “It’s been a lifelong dream to have my poetry and lyrics put to music,” she says. “Last year I began collaborating with a musician and we’ve written at least a dozen songs to date. We even made a demo CD with six studio-recorded songs. [You can hear the songs at www.shirleemikemusic.com.] The words for these songs just pour out of me. I feel like if I can touch people’s lives and hearts, and pull at their emotions with my music, I have accomplished success!

“I feel writing is definitely my calling. It is what I was put here on Earth to do.”