Novo Gel by Mia Secret is a colorless gel-polish coating you can apply over nails to expand the base color and create amottled effect. 

Here’s how to easily execute a mottled look:

1. Once you have prepped the nail and sculpted the nail structure, apply Destiny Gelux soak-off gel-polish to the smile line.

2. Using a fine brush and Gel Cleanser, refine the smile line of the nail and cure for 45 seconds in a portable LED nail light.

3. Apply a thin layer of Novo Gel and refine the smile line once again. Cure for 45 seconds.

4. Apply a thin layer of White Gelux soak-off gel-polish. You will notice the gel starts expanding and transforms into a spotted and streaky effect.

5. Seal the nail with Luxury UV base and top gel-polish. Cure for 45 seconds and wipe off the tacky layer.

To see this step-by-step in action, click here.