At Essie, it’s the season for vintage rock ’n’ roll. Capture the era’s rebellious spirit with a rocker-chic ombre that incorporates Essie’s new fall shade Leggy Legend layered with Essie Silk Watercolors to build a fun fall gradient. Follow this step-by-step designed by Essie director of education Gino Trunzo to get a look with relentless style.

1. Set the stage with your favorite Essie base coat. Bring out the band with two coats of Leggy Legend and let it dry.

2. Turn up the lights with Essie Silk Watercolor Muse, Myself by shading thin to the top side of the nail.

3. Start up the music with Essie red Silk Watercolor Blush Stroke by shading on thin to the center of the nail (overlapping Muse, Myself slightly). Crank up the volume with Essie teal blue Silk Watercolor Pen & Inky by shading on the free edge of the nail (overlapping Blush Stroke slightly).

4. Play an encore and repeat steps 2 through 5 to blend as desired. Bring down the house by sealing your masterpiece with Essie Good to Go top coat.

To see a live step-by-step using Essie’s Silk Watercolors, click here

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