Get your client’s stamp of approval by easily creating a detailed nail design in seconds with Caption Art Screens by Young Nails. Each Art Screen kit includes a stamper, a scraper card, and two design plates with 24 on-trend nail art patterns to choose from. Pair the stamping plate set with Caption Polish fast-drying formula to create looks that will save you time in the salon.

1. Apply Caption Base Coat on all the nails. Next, polish the same nails with a coat of silver chrome in Caption Polish Rewind.

2. It’s best to blend Lucents polish with a wet-on-wet application for one-of-a-kind nail art. Work on one nail at a time for best results. Polish the entire nail with a coat of vivid translucent yellow in Caption Note to Self.

3. Randomly layer bold horizontal strokes with a vivid translucent magenta in Caption Excuse You.

4. Randomly layer bold horizontal strokes with a vivid translucent teal in Caption Good for Her.

5. Choose your favorite Caption Art Screen pattern and paint over it with a coat of silver chrome polish.

6. Use the Caption scraper card to remove excess polish. To do so, place the card next to the pattern, apply pressure, and quickly scrape it across the pattern. Once this is done, the pattern will be clearly visible. Move quickly to pick up the color with the Caption Stamper.

7. Firmly press the Caption Stamper pad down onto the pattern to pick up the color. Move quickly to stamp and transfer the pattern onto the nail with firm pressure.

8. With the quick-drying Caption formula, the pattern should be dry to the touch almost instantly. Complete the manicure with a coat of Caption Top Coat.

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