You could call her a band-aide. Nail tech Heidi Bargmann, owner of Perfectly Polished in Minneapolis, Minn., happily spends much of her free time assisting a local band called GB Leighton. For the past several years, Bargmann has been pitching in on the promotional side of things, handling social media, photography, and merchandise sales. According to Bargmann, the band — fronted by vocalist and guitar player Brian Leighton — is considered Americana rock. “Brian’s main influence is Bruce Springsteen,” she notes.

“I got hooked on the band about 10 years ago, just by going to shows,” she explains. “They used to do an annual ‘fan trip’ to Mexico in January. I was fortunate to attend a few years ago and got to know the band and Brian much better. Hanging by the pool, having conversations, I discovered they were a really great group of guys — humble and down to earth. But it comes down to the music that Brian creates — it’s from his heart and soul.”

Eventually, Bargmann took over the band’s social media, often posting during her free time between clients. “I take the photos and videos posted on our Facebook page (GB Leighton) and YouTube Channel (gbleighton/chacha6mn),” she says. “Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed. I love taking photos of the band in their element.”

The merchandise she sells includes everything from CDs and T-shirts to cowboy hats and baby onesies. “Gotta start the kids early,” she laughs. “I enjoy doing the social media and merchandise because I get to meet so many fun people from all over who share my joy in the music.”

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