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by Staff Writer | July 31, 2015

Nail tech extraordinaire Lauren Wireman made CND’s Jan Arnold a very personal piece of art for her private collection.  “Jan has been so kind to me over the past year. She has become a mentor and it means so much to me. I have had the privilege of sitting down with Jan to do her nails twice and we have had some of the best conversations. Not a lot of people get to know Jan on a personal level and so I wanted to make a piece that people would think is cool and funky but would have a deeper meaning for Jan,” says Wireman.The guitar case on the outside represents people’s perception of Arnold. It is even covered with a coat of clear gel “representing Jan’s always sparkling personality,” says Wireman. The inside reveals a side of Arnold that only people who really know her understand.  “Jan loves eggs! I thought it would be a fun and quirky surprise to put a frying pan with two eggs and silverware inside the guitar case. It’s quirky and completely unexpected, but it works.” The entire piece is made out of CND products.

The guitar began as a pocket watch that Wireman then added on to by sculpting with Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gel.

The outside art of the case is made with CND Additives and Shellac. “The outside case represents her outer shell as a person but the inside represents a softer more personal side of Jan that I have grown to know and love,” says Wireman of her tribute.

How To: Hot Neon Cheetah Nail Art

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Nail Design

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