J & L Self Defense Products’ Wild Kat Keychains are made of ultra-strong plastic material. The kitty cat design may look like a toy, but the keychains are a serious defense weapon. The DPS Round Lipstick Pepper Spray contains a strong pepper formula that is cleverly disguised as lipstick.


Blingsting’s Pepper Spray comes in eight different colors and is refillable so you can ditch the canister without having to replace the blinged-out keychain. The company’s Ahh!-larm is a heart-shaped personal alarm that features an LED safety light. Its 120 decibel alarm will startle any potential attacker.


Personal Security Products’ Zap Stick stun gun has a compact size of 6”x 1”. The stun gun is equipped with a rubberized action grip to ensure you have a tight hold on it. Should you be attacked in a dark environment, it also features a super bright LED flashlight to provide you with necessary visibility.


Damsel in Defense’s Get A Grip stun gun carries the power of 7.5 million volts. It has an LED flashlight and built-in charger. The company’s Pouch O Pepper pepper spray contains .5-oz. of 18% O.C. (hot pepper), which is the hottest available on the market. It also contains a UV dye that will mark the perpetrator’s skin and clothing for up to a week.


Sabre’s Personal Alarm with key ring will help scare off attackers. The alarm is discreet enough to pass off as a memory stick and can be attached to any bag, backpack, or purse. The dual sirens can be heard up to 300 feet away.


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