Hiroko Fujikawa of MARS the Salon in Los Angeles came up with the step-by-steps for this spooky design. 

1. Apply base coat.

2. Add light yellow color on thumb and ring fingers, light blue on index and pinky fingers, and light orange on middle finger.

3. Layer sheer light orange in a circle on thumb and ring fingers, creating gradation.

4. Add sheer brown to the gradiant.

5. Apply sheer orange on middle finger and create gradation.

6. Darken gradient.

7. Add sheer blue on index and pinky finger for this gradient.

8. Add darker color to complete ombre.

9. Draw a thick black line around the gradient on the thumb, outlining a circle.

10. Paint castle inside the circle using black.

11. Fill with black color inside the lines of the castle.

12.Draw two bats around castle.

13. Draw half-moon in black on the tip of the index finger.

14.Draw a tree, stemming from half-moon.

15. Add bat and grass.

16. Paint curved lines in light brown on the middle finger.

17. Fill in lines with darker shade of brown.

18. Add eyes and mouth in black.

19. Draw thick lines with black color around the gradation on the ring finger.

20. Paint outer lines of cat using black.

21. Fill in cat.

22. Add three bats to pinky.

23. Seal with top coat.

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