“A natural entrepreneur is bursting with confidence,” says, and author of Wake Up or Die (www.wakeupordie.us), a guide to the use of intelligence in the contemporary business environment. “Entrepreneurs need risk to thrive, so believing in themselves and the people they’ve put in positions of responsibility is essential. There’s no room for doubt and second-guessing yourself.”

Sandler shares the following personality traits common to entrepreneurs.

> Passion: It can’t be developed through leadership training, but everyone has the capacity for it. It’s the source of incredible energy that feeds on one of our most powerful emotions and compels entrepreneurs forward with excitement and enthusiasm.

> A fighter’s instinct: The best fighters have studied their competition, identified their strengths and weaknesses, and used that knowledge to develop a strategy to beat them. They’re determined to give it their all whether they’re winning or losing.

> Vision: Successful entrepreneurs are always thinking ahead — planning the future with imagination and wisdom. Having a vision means being able to manifest original ideas.

> Rebel: Entrepreneurs are agents of change; they predict the future by creating it. You can’t be content with maintaining the status quo, you must push the limits. Use intelligence to quickly and accurately identify — and act on — market trends.

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